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Redefine success.

Transform your story.

Launch a life you love.

"She silently stepped out of the race she never wanted to be in, found her own lane & proceeded to win."

~ Unknown

What would it be like to have all the courage, capability, and support you need to make the changes you've been dreaming of?

If you've been struggling to take the first right step,

you're in the perfect place.

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Writing by the Window


March 18 - 21, 6:30pm PST

Are you living a life of "shoulds" because what you really want seems unrealistic?

Do you yearn to contribute on a much deeper, more meaningful level, but don't know how to make that a reality?

Are you frustrated because you have so much more to give, but that same, exhausting inner struggle keeps sidelining you?

What if there was a simple way to put that struggle behind you?

In just a few weeks, Nicole helped me make more progress in overcoming depression than I had made the entire year after being laid off.


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Does the life you crave feel out of reach? 

My students have gone from stressed and depressed to inspired and soaring in a short period of time.  They make progress where they'd been stuck for years by following a simple framework that makes permanent change possible in a short period of time.

When you transform the parts of yourself that are holding you back, your whole world begins to shift.  What feels out of reach today becomes effortless once you've learned how to get out of your own way.

The tools you'll learn will last a lifetime.  There's no end to the transformation you can make.

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