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Are you living a life of "shoulds" because what you really want seems unrealistic?

Do you yearn to contribute on a much deeper, more meaningful level, but don't know how to make that a reality?

Are you frustrated because you have so much more to give, but that same, exhausting inner struggle keeps sidelining you?

Perhaps you’ve been searching and trying different things… always growing and improving, but nothing you've found has created the change you need?

Maybe you’ve started to question your potential…

....or worry that you’ve wasted it?

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You did not come this far just to stagnate! 

Your gifts and talents are unique to you. 

It is your purpose to bring them to the surface,

develop them as best you can,

and become the highest expression of you.

That's what this workshop is designed to help you do. 

Bridge the gap between you, and YOU.

In This Workshop, You Will Receive

Art & Science of Self-Mastery (2).png


A powerful self-discovery tool that you can use to resolve any unanswered questions about yourself, your past, and what you're capable of doing.


A proven framework, based in scientific principles, for clarifying and achieving authentic goals that are significant, and worthy of your time on this planet.


A newfound understanding of who you are, and actionable strategies for tapping into the best of your personality, even in challenging circumstances.

Imagine it's six months from today...

...and you've given yourself radical permission to step out and do what you truly desire to do.​


You're with a friend and you're telling them how grateful you are for everything that's happening for you.  

How proud you are of yourself for breaking through.​


Here is the beautiful truth: 

The universe WANTS you to be YOU!

Meet Your Facilitator

Despite a successful corporate career, Nicole was caught in a struggle against herself.  After a wakeup call in her early 30s, she realized avoidance and bandaid solutions were no longer an option.

A lifelong student of psychology and the science of human behaviour, she doubled down and sought mentorship from two of the greatest teachers in the world on personal development. 

Inspired to serve others in their growth, she founded Zen Rocket to share what she's learned: help others reconnect with themselves, rekindle their passion, break the chains of past conditioning, and step into a life of gratitude, flow, and FUN.


March 18 - 21, 6:30pm PST

What Zen Rocket Students are Saying

Natalia S.

"I have never been this happy. I finally feel beautiful. I have the perfect job, it's a dream opportunity I've always wanted to do. I can't believe just last summer I was depressed in a job I hated. I’m living a life I’ve always wanted. I’m free!"

Dennis K.

"As a senior executive, I was miserable.  I was working long hours and sacrificing my life.  I felt like something was missing, that I was not meeting my true potential.  
I never imagined I could be doing what I am doing today! I am building my own business and executing my vision.
I never imagined doing what I love could be more lucrative than the golden handcuffs."
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March 18 - 21, 6:30pm PST

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