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Calm, Cool, and under Control.

Shouldered with responsibilities and expectations, it’s easy to lose touch with what really matters to you. It can feel impossible to step out and do what you truly desire.  Before you know it, you can find yourself years down the path of somebody else’s dream, with significant momentum in the wrong direction and picking up speed.  


If this feels like you, you’re not alone.  


Welcome to Zen Rocket, where you will find the tools, insights, and support you need to make meaningful changes that last a lifetime.  This evidence-based approach developed through decades of research will teach you how to reclaim your confidence, strength, and poise, no matter what challenges you’re facing.  


You’ll gain a framework for self-discovery, self-improvement, and self-leadership that you can apply to make improvements to any part of your life.  As you practice applying these tools over time, you’ll begin taking back control and living life on your own terms.


Whether you’re dealing with stress, overwhelm, anxiety, or just plain apathy, I’m here to help you diagnose the root cause of what’s keeping you stuck, and work with you to transform it.  


I believe that no matter what your life looks like today, you are capable of experiencing greater joy and satisfaction, greater harmony with yourself and with those around you, and greater productivity towards a purpose truly resonates with your soul.


It just keeps getting better.


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